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About us

What Makes Us Special

Robin and David Prchal, along with their partners Jerry and Janie Milbrandt, opened Emerald Desert Nursery in 1999 to provide landscapers and other wholesale customers with top quality products, personal service, in-depth knowledge, and nursery stock perfectly suited to the growing area.

Shortly after opening, local customers, noticing the variety and quality of the trees and plants, soon began asking for retail access to them. While still focused on the needs of wholesale customers, they now provide the same detailed, knowledgeable assistance to retail customers too. The impeccable nursery is laid out to easily browse and locate products. We also offer experienced landscaping assistance, from suggesting the best tree or shrub for a certain area to assisting with a landscape plan or potting your annuls. Schedule a consultation or fill out our custom potting services form to get something unique created for your space.

All lifelong residents of the Columbia Basin area, David, Robin, Jerry and Janie are very knowledgeable about their products and the region. Robin, who manages the nursery, is a WSU graduate and certified Master Gardener with an agricultural background and long-time interest in plants and landscaping. David and Jerry are farmers with more than 25 years of experience growing crops in the Columbia Basin’s unique growing region. Jerry and Janie are owners of Milbrandt Vineyards, the largest grape grower in Washington state for the wine industry.

Our Hardworking Employees

Emerald Desert Nursery also has a number of experienced and dedicated employees:

Robin Prchal
Owner & Wholesale Manager
Nancy Richardson
Retail Manager
Daryl Cole
General Manager
Jesus (Chuy) Vega
Field Manager & Truck Driver
Raul Vega
Field Staff
Christina Board King
GLenda Koenig
Assistant Manager
Dessie Etue
Office Manager


Julie Thaemert


Think you'll pay more for all the personal service, delivery, and expertise? How bout this comparison... Robin's pricing was exactly one cent more than Costco! No more trying to drive with a giant tree in my car. From now on, it's Emerald Desert. Robin and Nancy both respond quickly and have exposed me to varieties I didn't realize existed.

Janine Fortier Evens


I was sooooo impressed with this desert jewel!!! Expertly done!!!! You could not go anywhere to find a more well done nursery!!! Well done Robin and staff!!

Bill King


I don't mind paying a little more than Walmart for a better quality plant and very knowledgeable personnel. I've never had a bad experience, even when they're swamped. Keep up the great work!!!

Sam Krautscheid


Above and beyond all expectations. Excellent people to work with.

Nicole O'Shea


Everything I've ever seem come from Robin Prchal's nursery is beautiful, creative and lights up any landscape.

Mike Stussy


Helpful, local, knowledgeable and economical. Good to go!

Valda Sarty


Emerald Desert Nursery is healthy, well-organized, abundant, and just fun to visit!



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